Inside the Vatican – BBC2

Cardinals Inside the Vatican
(Image credit: BBC/Oxford Film And Television/)

In the last look at the inner workings of the Vatican, more surprising facts about the Pope and his staff are revealed in BBC2’s Inside the Vatican

The concluding part of BBC2’s Inside the Vatican, the two-part series looking at some of the 2,600 people who work for the Pontiff, sees the appointment of 14 new cardinals (pictured above) from places as far afield as Pakistan, Madagascar and Iran (a change introduced by Pope Francis which has polarised opinion).

Pope and staff Inside the Vatican

There’s never a dull moment for the Pope and his staff as we see in BBC2’s Inside the Vatican

We also meet the clerical tailor who measures the cardinals for their red ceremonial costume, and elsewhere there’s the surprising revelation that the Vatican has its own football league.

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Meanwhile, during the filming of the documentary, another priest sex-abuse scandal breaks – how will the Pope address it, and what will be done to prevent abuse from happening in the future?

TV Times rating: ****