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Is Abdul’s life a lie?

(Image credit: BBC/Headstrong Pictures (WR) Ltd/Neil Davidson)

Abdul’s in freefall following last week’s bombshell he was adopted through unofficial channels from Pakistan. With the police asking awkward questions, Abdul’s dad, Hassan, tries to persuade him to run away.

But when the police catch up with them it emerges Abdul’s whole life is a lie! He was bought using a fake birth certificate from an Indian orphanage. Soon a sinister truth is revealed – his birth mother is possibly still alive and his ‘dad’ is arrested….

Dale is also struggling following the exposure of his eating disorder. He’s keen to get back his bike and continue his professional cycling training but both Dale’s doctor and psychiatrist forbid him. When the cycling club reclaim his professional bike, the teenager is tipped over the edge. His downward spiral involves a violent outburst on his bike, locking a teacher in a store cupboard and a joyriding spree!

Meanwhile, warring teenagers Kenzie, Bonnie, Scott and Justin continue to wind each other up. Justin notices Scott sniffing around his girlfriend Kenzie, so he turns his attentions to Bonnie. The net result is a fistfight between the boys.

Elsewhere the Vaughans have their first session of family therapy, which leaves mum Olga feeling like their problems are all her fault – until a sympathetic Christine puts her straight!

And Sonya is clearly smitten with her handsome new lodger, Guy, which encourages her to keep living her cancer lie. But the truth is only too eager to catch up with her!