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Is Kathy getting drawn in by Phil?

(Image credit: BBC/Des Willie)

Ben is disappointed when he discovers that Phil is refusing to go to his alcohol support meeting. Meanwhile, worried about Kathy getting involved with Phil, Ian warns Phil to stay away from her. At the Vic, a drunk Phil tries it on with Kathy, prompting her to point out she’s only trying to help him for the sake of Ben.

Concerned that Phil’s being left out in the cold by the family, Louise confronts him over his drinking. Managing to get through to him, Louise is pleased when Phil goes to his support meeting and tells the counsellor he wants to stop drinking. Back home, however, Louise steals Phil’s credit card and makes a huge purchase on it.

Tina is keen to make things up to Sonia, joining the half-marathon so they can talk. When Tina has to quit the race after hurting her leg, Sonia is forced to help, leaving her frustrated. After a heated discussion about their relationship, Tina explains to Sonia why she doesn’t want to have a baby and Sonia eventually comes round.

Also, Nancy digs her heels in when Tamwar tries to convince her not to go to Italy, but they finally reunite.