Jac's reeling when Elliot loses Emma!

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When Jonny warned he wanted to take their baby daughter Emma away from her, Jac prevented Jonny from being with Emma unsupervised. So, this week, Jonny's surprised to see Emma at the hospital - but is infuriated when Jac admits she sacked the nanny because she kept putting Emma to bed before she got home, which meant she never saw her own child. Jac makes it clear Jonny's not to go near Emma so, when she's needed in theatre, Elliot offers to look after the baby.

But when Elliot gets a headache, he leaves Emma in a car seat on the boardroom table... And returns to find she's not there! Luckily, Jonny finds Emma safe - but then vows that HE will now take care of her. Jac's shocked to hear about Elliot losing Emma, but insists that, by ignoring legal protocol, Jonny's proved he's the one who can't be trusted. Angry, Jonny reminds Jac SHE was the one who left their daughter unsupervised! Is Jac worried he'll use this against her in court?

Meanwhile, having agreed to assess Harry in his doctor's exams to get him off AAU following their one-night stand, Amy reckons pro-footballer Andre would be a good case for Harry's e-portfolio. When Amy's pregnancy sickness strikes and she leaves without informing Harry of a change in Andre's meds, Harry ends up giving Andre the wrong drug! Knowing an enquiry will prevent him from moving on, will Amy take the blame for Harry's mistake to protect her marriage to Raf?

Also, with Jesse and Zosia's romance in full flow, Arthur watches from the sidelines. But when a cockle picker with an allergic reaction is admitted, Arthur becomes smitten with the man's daughter, crustacean-loving marine biologist Maria. Has Dr Digby finally found love?


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