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Jimmi has a difficult case

(Image credit: BBC)

Jimmi reads a note left for Ollie reading: 'they are bad men, do not let them in your house.' Anya and Jimmi spot Sparkie and realise that he's been warning Ollie away from Tommo and Cutter. Jimmi follows Ollie, Sparkie and Cutter and realises they are carrying petrol bombs. Cutter tries to leg it with Tommo but Jimmi and Anya stop them getting away. At the police station Ollie is introduced to Sparkie and there's the hope that he may have found one true friend.

Mrs Tembe is furious when she claps eyes on a hungover Ayesha but is soon won over when she apologises profusely. Unfortunately, Anthony criticises her and suggests that Howard was of the same mind. Ayesha's upset by his harsh words and goes to Mrs Tembe, who simply suggests that Ayesha keeps well away from them.

Also, Mrs Tembe tries to stop a late patient from entering but she makes her way through to the staffroom, and Ayesha’s shocked to see her mum after all this time.