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Jimmi lashes out

(Image credit: BBC/Gary Moyes)

Jimmi struggles to control his anger when a police officer, Anna, is injured in the line of duty and collapses. He watches on as she receives the news that she damaged her spinal cord when Letherbridge United footballer, Danny, assaulted her. Rob arrives and, surprised by Jimmi's anger, he has to put himself between the Jimmi and Danny. Jimmi refuses to talk about it, leaving Rob very concerned for him.

Howard and Emma read each other's diaries and Emma takes one look at his, throws it back at him before angrily walking out. Later, Emma tells him she won't do the project unless they are both equally committed. Howard claims he is but she warns him to take the project seriously.

Zara continues to bully Sid as he tries to talk through the process of an electrocardiogram, then loses her patience and slaps him on the hand. Heston witnesses it and gets Sid to open up about what Zara has been doing to him. Sid is too broken to make a complaint but Heston certainly isn't.

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