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Jonny fights for life!

After being arrested and charged with the murder of a patient last week, Holby nurse Jonny Maconie is on remand in prison awaiting bail. Jonny’s sharing a cell with a young man, Khalid, who's feeling intimidated by other prisoners but seems reluctant to tell Jonny why. Jonny’s delighted when Mo and Adele come to visit him in prison but he can't take his eyes off Khalid. Then, when Jonny sees another inmate attack Khalid, he steps in to defend the boy and Khalid gets stabbed. As Jonny, Mo and Adele all try to stabilise Khalid, Jonny suddenly realises he's been stabbed too and collapses!

As Jonny and Khalid are both rushed to Holby, Jonny finds himself back on Darwin ward, this time as a patient. Jonny's stomach wound needs urgent attention and Jac’s annoyed as he tries to get out of bed to help Khalid who, having been stabbed in the heart, is now in a critical condition. But suddenly it's Jonny who takes a turn for the worse and starts coughing up blood. Jonny’s rushed into theatre, where he’s operated on by, among others, best friend, Mo, and ex-lover, Jac. Will Jonny survive the attack?

Meanwhile, as Harry struggles to come to terms with his disfiguring injuries, he wallows in self-pity and lashes out at Mary-Claire. But when he risks derailing his own recovery, an unlikely source helps him see the error of his ways.

Feeling she has nothing to be ashamed of, Zosia is candid about her bi-polar with a patient. However, honesty isn’t always the best policy.