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Jonny's arrested on suspicion of murder!

Holby's rocked by scandal this week as nurse Jonny is arrested and taken into custody, where he faces some tough questions from police about the death of Elliot's Kibo patient, Julie Kale. Colleagues Mo and Elliot are devastated by this turn of events, so certain are they that Jonny could never kill a patient. But, with the evidence against him starting to stack up, will Jonny be charged with Julie's murder?

Meanwhile, there's something of a reunion on Darwin as Elliot treats patient Geri – played by none other than actor Paul Bradley's former EastEnders' wife Nicola Duffett! Geri is fun and flirty, as she tells Elliot she's an adult phone line hostess. Unfortunately, the situation looks serious for Geri when Elliot diagnoses her with an aneurysm and severe internal bleeding. Elliot has an invention he hopes might control the bleed – but after the Kibo disaster, will he risk any more unconventional surgery?

Also, with Dom and Zosia seemingly going up in the world, Arthur puts pressure on himself to choose a specialism. But instead of finding inspiration in an exciting caseload, Arthur spends most of the day being thrown up on, earning him the unfortunate name ‘vomit boy’!