Killing Eve - BBC1

Villanelle and Eve in the street
(Image credit: BBC/Sid Gentle)

As series two of Killing Eve spins to a bloody finale, what does Villanelle have in store for her adversary?

Nominated for a raft of Emmys, the patchy but still enjoyable second series of Killing Eve comes to a finish with a finale that calls back to series one’s climax – a showdown between Villanelle (Jody Comer) and Eve (Sandra Oh).

But first there’s a whole load of blood-letting to be done, by both the chaser, Eve, and her quarry, Villanelle – though in this second series it’s often been hard working who is pursuing who.

Tech magnate Aaron at a table

Has Villanelle got Aaron in her sights?

As for Aaron, the vastly up-himself tech magnate has been riding for a fall. But you don’t become mega-rich by being stupid and there’s just a chance Aaron has worked out who Villanelle really is.

As for Kim Bodnia’s Konstantin and Fiona Shaw’s Carolyn – this show’s secret weapon – again there’s not enough for them to do. Let’s hope series three makes amends.

TV Times rating: ***