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The Lakes with Paul Rose - BBC2

The Lakes with Paul Rose - BBC2

Explorer Paul Rose visits Windermere in the Lake District, where he plunges into the world of long-distance swimming and helps the staff who run the waterway's boats

● factual / 8.30pm (not Wales) / BBC2 Paul Rose (above) is more used to trekking through the Antarctic or diving in the world’s oceans but in this glorious four-part series, he proves there’s just as much adventure to be had in the Lake District as he highlights some of its finest scenery and varied history.

The Lakes with Paul Rose - BBC2

Paul explores Lake Windermere and its stunning surrounds

Kicking off in and around Windermere, where he lives, Paul witnesses the traditional pastime of hound-trailing, and there’s a moving look at the story of Holocaust survivors who found sanctuary in Windermere after World War Two.

Paul’s enthusiasm and love for his adopted home shine through in this tribute to one of the country’s best-loved destinations.

TV Times rating: ****