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Martin's refusal to talk about his father's death has added to the strain on his relationship with Louisa and she is hurt when he turns down her suggestion yhat they go away for a short break together. Her next idea - that he presents the medals at her school's sports day has more disastrous consequences. He refuses to say anything at the presentation, gets exasperated over how long it takes and marches back to the surgery. 

As a furious Louisa chases after him, she is knocked down by a car. She is treated in hospital for a broken collar bone, but when she starts coughing, Martin suspects she has developed deep vein thrombosis.

After he accuses the hospital of not turning her in the night, an embarrassed Louisa tells him to leave. Later that day, when he collects her from the hospital, she tells him she is going to go to stay with her mother in Spain, taking baby James with her and leaving him behind...