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Masood punches Kush!

(Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes)

Masood and Carmel walk in on Shabnam having a heart-to-heart with Tamwar. As she tells him that she's left Kush and is returning to Pakistan, Masood interrupts, begging her to reconsider. Realising Masood needs to know the truth, Carmel tells him that Kush is Arthur's father. Shocked, Masood later confronts Kush and punches him, demanding he stay clear of Shabnam!

Ronnie is stunned by Hannah's accusation that she killed her parents. Feeling bad for Hannah, she determines to help her out, writing her out a cheque. Honey is worried about Ronnie, advising her against it. Meeting up with Hannah and Joel's brother Tim, Ronnie hands Tim a cheque for £5,000. Hannah is angry with Ronnie, not wanting to be bought off, and rips up the cheque.

Nancy is disappointed when Tamwar reveals that he hasn't given up his job to concentrate on their business. When Tamwar explains his reasoning, Nancy reluctantly agrees that he has a point. After Tamwar heads out following a phone call, Nancy is left alone. Lee finds Nancy having an absence seizure and calls his parents. When Mick and Linda arrive they take her home as Nancy has wet herself. Unhappy with Tamwar, Mick turns him away from the Vic, saying Nancy is sleeping.

Also, a lonely Denise makes a call...