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Meat: A Threat to Our Planet? - BBC1

Liz Bonnin in a corn field
(Image credit: BBC/Raw Factual Ltd/Olly Bootle)

In Meat: A Threat to Our Planet, Liz Bonnin looks at meat from both ends of the equation – production and consumption – and asks whether the planet would be better off without it

Is the future vegan? Meat: A Threat to Our Planet? is certainly stuffed with enough facts to make even the heartiest meat-eater consider the idea (Monday, 9pm, see our TV Guide for full details).

Such as – across the world we consume a staggering 65 billion animals a year. In the last 50 years the global cattle population has increased by 400 million. The number of pigs has doubled. And the number of chickens has gone up fivefold, all this to keep up with demand for meat from humans.

Liz in an intensive pig-rearing unit

Liz in an intensive pig-rearing unit

In this powerful documentary, animal biologist Liz Bonnin investigates the devastating effect our meat-eating habits are having on the planet’s climate, on the quality of water and the viability of ecosystems.

She travels to the Amazon rainforest, visits an intensive US beef farm and sees what the future could hold when she meets scientists growing meat in a lab.

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Essential and at times upsetting viewing, which shows how we can all help our planet by choosing to eat less meat.

TV Times rating: *****

Airs at 11.15pm in Northern Ireland