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The Mediterranean with Simon Reeve – BBC2

The Mediterranean with Simon Reeve in the Libiyan city of Sirte
(Image credit: Jonathan Young)

Simon travels through Libya, in the third episode of his Mediterranean series, visiting areas of the country devastated by recent fighting, and discovers a mountain fortress in Tunisia

Simon’s extraordinary journey around the Mediterranean continues in war-torn and chaotic Libya.

He visits a town called Sirte, which lies between the capital Tripoli and Benghazi and was the last stronghold of Daesh (or so-called Islamic State).

There he finds destruction on an apocalyptic scale, right on the edge of the crystal-blue waters of the Med.

The Mediterranean with Simon Reeve

Simon with a local resident in the Tunisian town of Chenini

As Simon passes through Tripoli, he witnesses the horrors of people trafficking as so many risk everything to get to Europe.

After passing through struggling Tunisia, he heads to Sicily where he meets three brilliant sisters who are taking on the Mafia to keep their land.

TV Times rating: *****