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Mediterranean with Simon Reeve - BBC2

The Mediterranean with Simon Reeve
(Image credit: BBC/Craig Hastings)

Presenter Simon Reeve journeys the Mediterranean, examining the challenges currently facing the nations he visits - first stop Malta, Italy and Albania

Taking a trip around the Mediterranean coastline sounds like a dream come true, but for this four-part documentary series, Simon Reeve finds himself exploring the darker side of the countries we think we know.

Taking in Malta, Italy and Albania in this first episode, Simon uncovers money-laundering and organised crime in Malta and joins the police on the frontline as they fight a Mafia-style organisation, the ’Ndràngheta, in southern Italy – where he witnesses the incineration of more than a ton of seized cocaine.

The Mediterranean with Simon Reeve

Simon at the ruins of the Roman city of Leptis Magna in Libya later in the series

Simon also meets an Albanian boy who is too frightened to leave his home because of an ancient code of revenge in his town, which means he’ll be murdered for his father’s crime.

TV Times rating: ***