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An emotional Mick and Linda Carter get ready to leave the Square!

EastEnders spoilers: An emotional Mick and Linda Carter get ready to leave the Square!
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

After Aidan’s threats, Mick and Linda Carter realise that they need to leave Walford to protect themselves and the family.

Jack finds out that Mick and Linda are under serious threat from Aidan and he offers to help Mick out. Linda’s nerves are shredded and she suggests to Mick that they follow Phil’s advice and leave Albert Square for good. Mick is determined not to back down and instead arranges for the family to leave for the night. But he soon realises that with no help from anyone else, he can’t fight Aidan, and he agrees to move the family out.

Tina and Shirley take Ollie, while Mick and Linda prepare to go. A frustrated Shirley calls in on Phil and begs him to help out Mick. Meanwhile, an emotional Mick and Linda say goodbye to their beloved Queen Vic. At the tube station, Mick lies to Linda that he’s forgotten his wallet and tells her he’ll meet her later. Returning to the pub, Mick waits for Aidan…

Phil has seen Robert, the driver of the van involved in the robbery, talking to Mel. Robert then approaches Phil and after a clandestine chat, Phil starts to piece together some clues. He leaves a message for Sharon, wanting to talk to her… She is panicky. Has Phil found out her secret?

Also, Tiff offers to help Whitney prepare for a video call with Halfway.