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Murder 24/7 - BBC2

Crime Scene Investigator Laura Matthews
(Image credit: BBC/Expectation Factual/Jon Attenborough)

Murder 24/7 is on the ground with the Essex police force as they investigate a murder – from first report to final arrest

Filmed with Essex Police, Murder 24/7 follows murder investigations in real time.

It follows every decision and every lead, minute by minute, from the critical first few days right through to arrest and conviction (Monday, 9pm, see our TV Guide for full details).

This opening episode follows the case of Courtney Valentine-Brown, who was found stabbed to death in his flat in Southend-on-Sea, Essex, in February last year.

Two men were eventually jailed for life for his murder.

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Shown over three consecutive nights, Murder 24/7 follows Essex police’s investigation into the killing.

Co-Senior Investigating Officer Detective Supt Morgan Cronin

Co-Senior Investigating Officer Detective Supt Morgan Cronin

But this is not just another behind-the-scenes police documentary.

An unprecedented level of detail is shown in real time. From blood-spatter analysts (not so long ago no one even knew that was a job) to dog handlers and lawyers. No stone is left unturned.

Tonight’s episode looks at the critical first two days of the manhunt as the team work round the clock to catch the killers.


TV Times rating: ****