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Neighbours spoilers: Mark Brennan and Elly Conway get back together!

Neighbours, Mark Brennan + Elly Conway

Elly is still undecided by Mark's ultimatum. But with some convincing from sister Bea and friend Xanthe she decides to give love another chance.

Elly's ex-boyfriend Mark has been trying to convince her to give their relationship another go, but she's still in a muddle over how she feels about him.

However, following Mark's now-or-never ultimatum, Elly's younger sister Bea and friend Xanthe push her to give love another chance with Mark. The girls present Elly and Mark with a fun challenge to help them on their way. They are each given a suitcase and must write down and then pack away all the baggage from their past relationship...for good!

Finding the process healing (especially now Mark's ex-fiancee Paige is out of the picture), Elly finally takes the plunge and officially gets back together with Mark. Hooray!

Meanwhile, Shane is still trying to get back in his wife Dipi's good books after his bad behaviour saw the Sharma-Rebecchi family dumped from the Face Of Lassiters campaign and Dipi's performance of Flapper! The Musical cancelled. So will Dipi agree to forgive and forget when Shane stages a surprise performance of Flapper! The Musical in their back garden?

Plus, Aaron's working partnership with future father-in-law Paul at the gym is not off to a good start. Stressed-out, Aaron decides to do a work-out but accidentally injures his back after picking-up a heavy kettle bell and collapses to the floor in pain...

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5