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Neighbours spoilers: Will Mark Brennan become a private investigator?

Neighbours, Mark Brennan

Will former policeman Mark find his new career calling when girlfriend Elly helps him look into becoming a private investigator?

Former policeman Mark has been feeling a bit lost in life since he got fired from the police force for tampering with evidence.

Running the local garage isn't really what Mark wants to do. So since Mark seems to spend most of his time carrying out investigations for the neighbours, his girlfriend Elly has an idea for a career change. But when Elly sets up a meeting between Mark and local private investigator John Wong to find out more about becoming a private super sleuth, Mark later breaks the news he's not interested in becoming a private investigator.

Meanwhile, Cassius is spooked when he sees Piper has held onto the coat he left with her when he secretly rescued her after she collapsed in the bush. Realising he needs to dispose of any evidence that proves he was lurking around Erinsborough at the time of hated Hamish Roche's murder, Cassius goes to steal the coat from The Retreat. But he's caught in the act by Bea, who is already suspicious of his shifty behaviour. Will Bea realise what Cassius is up to?

And newlyweds Aaron and David are away in honeymoon heaven. But little does David know, his new hubby is still popping pain killers despite the fact his back pains have now gone. Is Aaron addicted to pain medication?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5