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Neighbours spoilers: Susan Kennedy clashes with sister Liz Conway

Neighbours - Susan Kennedy and Liz Conway

When Susan tries to heal the family feud between Liz and her daughters Elly and Bea, she discovers she has her own unresolved issues with Liz

The Kennedy household is still reeling from the revelation that Liz booted her own daughter, Bea, out onto the streets when she was a teenager because she reminded Liz too much of Bea's dad, Lars.

Everyone is stunned over the family bombshell, and Bea and older sister Elly immediately demand their mum packs her bags and gets lost! But despite being shocked by her own sister's behaviour, Susan is determined to play peacekeeper and heal the rift between Elly, Bea and Liz. But when Susan gets into a squabble of her own with Liz, it seems the women have some of their own unresolved issues to deal with too.

Elsewhere in Ramsay Street, Willow arrives to join the Rebecchi family on a trip to Hobart to visit Willow's mum Andrea in the psychiatric unit. But when Toadie comes face-to-face with conwoman Andrea again after all this time, he's in for a shock when Andrea passionately embraces him and once again claims she is his late wife, Dee!

Meanwhile, Aaron is excited when fab photographer Annabel Rutherford agrees to shoot his and David's wedding for free if the couple agree to take part in a photoshoot for her website. But when David is unable to make the photoshoot, Aaron tries to convince straight mate Ned to pose as David! Will Ned agree to go gay-for-pay!

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5