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Neighbours spoilers: Susan suspects Jemima is after Karl's cash

Neighbours, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy, Jemima Davies-Smythe

Susan is not impressed when her hubby Karl offers to help out his long-lost sister Jemima with her expenses. Is Jemima just a freeloader?

While Karl couldn't be more thrilled his long-lost half-sister Jemima is in Erinsborough, his wife Susan is worried by the speed at which their relationship is moving.

As Jemima makes herself at home in the Kennedy house, Susan takes the opportunity to do some gentle digging and discovers Jemima has no job or money. Karl doesn't hesitate to offer to pay for Jemima's broken down car and various other expenses. But Susan fears her hubby is being taken for a ride by freeloader Jemima. Is she right?

Meanwhile, knowing he is the real culprit who killed his dad Hamish, Cassius is feeling guilty his half-brother Tyler is the one serving the prison sentence for the murder, after confessing to the crime, which he didn't commit. Seeing the effect Tyler's absence had on his brother Aaron's wedding day, and also on Tyler's ex-girlfriend Piper, Cassius decides to investigate Tyler's prison sentence.

And Elly finally solves the mystery of why boyfriend Mark keeps refusing to spend the night. But is it something to do with Elly or is the truth something much stranger?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5