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Neighbours spoilers: Toadie Rebecchi clashes with Karl Kennedy!

Neighbours, Toadie Rebecchi

With his wife Sonya's life on the line after her shock cancer diagnosis, Toadie is looking for someone to blame and confronts hospital doctor Karl...

After Toadie Rebecchi's angry outburst at his teenage niece Yashvi for accidentally killing some plants at his wife Sonya's garden nursery business, the legal eagle has some big explaining to do.

Toadie's brother Shane wants to know why he yelled at his daughter Yashvi like that, so Toadie lies he is stressed out because of a letter he has received from the lawyer of con-woman Andrea Somers, threatening a custody fight over their baby son, Hugo.

However, seeing how Toadie's struggling with everything, Sonya decides to come clean with Shane and his wife Dipi about her shock cancer diagnosis. The Rebecchi family are united as they vow to help with the battle ahead.

Neighbours, Sonya Rebecchi

Sonya decides to tell Shane and Dipi the truth about her cancer diagnosis. (Picture: Channel 5)

But Toadie is still looking for answers and also someone to blame for Sonya's condition. Believing their friend and doctor Karl Kennedy should have recognised the signs sooner, Toadie angrily blames Karl for everything that's happened...

Meanwhile, Mark Brennan can't understand why his sister Chloe doesn't want to be a part of the bridal party, as he and fiancee Elly Conway prepare to get hitched.

Unaware of his sister's secret romantic feelings for Elly, Mark pushes Elly to get Chloe involved. Unfortunately, emotions spiral out of control in the heat of the moment and Chloe angrily accuses Elly of putting her in an impossible situation.

Will Chloe now boycott Mark and Elly's wedding altogether?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5