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Neighbours spoilers: Toadie is shaken by a visit to see 'Dee'

Neighbours - Andrea Somers

Conwoman Andrea still claims she is Toadie's dead wife Dee. During his latest visit, Toadie starts to wonder if she could be telling the truth

After several visits to the psychiatric ward to see conwoman Andrea, Toadie and his wife Sonya have decided Andrea is still playing wicked games by claiming she is really Toadie's dead wife Dee, who was presumed drowned on their wedding day in 2003.

However, when Toadie returns for another visit, he is thrown when Andrea says the words "truth or dare" reminding him his first kiss with Dee was during a game of Truth or Dare. There's no way Andrea could know that... unless she really is Dee? Or is it just part of a plot by Andrea to confuse Toadie even more?

Meanwhile, former policeman Mark can't help but think Liz's story about her mugging doesn't quite make sense, especially when her missing purse is found by Toadie and Sonya's daughter Nell. But when Mark questions Liz she warns him not to do anything to jeopardise the renewed relationship she has with her daughters Elly and Bea.

Also, Cassius's shifty behaviour continues when he turns down Sheila's offer to lodge at the Canning house. The gardener claims it is because Sheila's granddaughter Xanthe's had a crush on him a while ago. But what's the real reason?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5