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Neighbours spoilers: The truth comes out about Piper Willis and Leo Tanaka!

Neighbours, Leo Tanaka, Piper Willis
(Image credit: Jackson Finter)

There's a shock in store for Terese when her ex-lover Leo makes a VERY public announcement about him and Terese's daughter, Piper...

There's an ultimatum for Piper Willis and friend-with-benefits Leo Tanaka. Will they come clean about their sexy new arrangement before Piper's bossy sister Imogen spills the beans to their mum and Leo's ex-girlfriend Terese Willis?

Meanwhile, as part of an agreement to get his job back at Lassiters, Leo agrees to publicly apologize to local resident Vera Punt, after he accidentally hit her with a giant Valentine's Day decoration.

However, feeling humiliated, especially after all the heartbreak Terese and his dad Paul Robinson have put him through with their new relationship, Leo snaps and makes a very different speech... confessing ALL about him and Piper!

As Terese reels from the revelation and feels betrayed by both of them, how will Piper react to Leo's outing them in public? Will it be make or break for their passionate hook-ups?

Neighbours, Karl Kennedy, Finn Kelly

(Picture: Channel 5)

Neighbours, Finn Kelly

Karl recently confronted Finn and told him the terrible truth about the man he really is! (Picture: Channel 5)

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, you'd have thought Karl Kennedy would have learned his lesson after his hospital bedside showdown with patient Finn Kelly a couple of weeks ago.

However, as Karl's wife Susan continues to have sympathy for recovering Finn and his apparent amnesia, Karl decides to take further action. Is Finn faking his amnesia? Or is it real? Either way, Karl wants Finn to face the consequences for his past crimes... so he decides to help Finn get his memory back. Is Karl playing with fire?

Meanwhile, Paul is still thinking about the bizarre dream he had about his late dad Jim Robinson at Christmas.

Worried he's still not living a life Jim would approve of, Paul seeks guidance from Jim's ex-wife Dr Beverly Marshall. But what advice will Beverly give Paul to help him clean up his act, to leave a legacy his dad would be proud of?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5