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Neighbours spoilers: WHO does Ned Willis catch kissing?

Neighbours, Ned Willis

This Ramsay Street couple have been trying to keep their new relationship a secret. However, they're about to get busted by Ned!

Ned Willis (played by Ben Hall) and Bea Nilsson broke-up because of his vendetta against her ex-fiance Finn Kelly (Rob Mills) on Neighbours.

So, imagine how Ned would react if he found out Bea has now fallen for Finn, who once tried to kill Bea, her sister Elly Conway (Jodi Anasta) and their aunt Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne)!

Still trying to keep their new relationship a secret, Bea and Finn decide the only way they'll get some privacy is to get out of Erinsborough. So they venture into the city for their first official date, where Finn hopes nobody will recognise him because of his previous twisted doings.

But as the pair lock lips in public, they're recognised by someone: Ned! Looks like the secret lovers have just been BUSTED!

Neighbours, Ned Willis, Bea Nilsson, Finn Kelly

Ned's in for a SHOCK on Neighbours when he sees ex-girlfriend Bea kissing her ex-fiance Finn! (Picture: Channel 5)

Neighbours, Yashvi Rebecchi

Will Ned be a no-show when girlfriend Yashvi plans a romantic night at Lassiters on Neighbours? (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, Ned's new girlfriend, Yashvi Rebecchi (Olivia Junkeer) wants to take their relationship to the next step. So she books a hotel room at Lassiters for a night of romance... and more!

However, as Yashvi waits in the hotel room for Ned, she's unaware he's pre-occupied with ex-girlfriend Bea...

Elsewhere, Elly is still in a muddle after her sexy fantasy about bestie gal pal Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly).

Neighbours, Pierce Greyson, Chloe Brennan

Chloe has been woo-ing ex-lover Pierce on Neighbours. (Picture: Channel 5)

But how will Chloe react when she finds out? Will she turn down the offer of a drink with ex-lover, Pierce Greyson (Tim Robards) if there's a chance of spending some quality time with Elly?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:15pm and 6:00pm on Channel 5