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Neighbours spoilers: WHO is this mystery man... does he know Dee Bliss?

Neighbours, Riley Cooper, Dee Bliss

As the Andrea/Dee Bliss mystery continues, Heather secretly heads to Byron Bay in search of more answers. Will she find "Karen" (aka Dee)?

Lookie-likie conwoman Andrea Somers has already warned her mum Heather Schilling, to stop meddling in the search for Toadie Rebecchi's first wife, Dee Bliss, who may still be alive after all these years.

Andrea is worried that the return of Dee could ruin her plans to become a family again with Toadie and their baby son, Hugo. So as far as Andrea is concerned, Dee can stay dead!

However, trouble-stirring Heather has other ideas and secretly travels to Byron Bay in search of more clues that could lead to the wherebouts of the mystery lady "Karen" (aka Dee?)

So when Heather tracks down a mystery surfer dude, the same fella who is also in the old photo that Andrea's lover Ian Packer gave her,  will she get one step closer to fnding out the truth?

Neighbours, Riley Cooper, Heather Schilling

Heather tracks down the mystery fella from the photograph. (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, back in Erinsborough, Andrea is thrilled when she's invited to stay for a movie night with Toadie and the kids. But neighbour Susan Kennedy is worried the legal eagle is getting too close for comfort with the woman who once almost wrecked his marriage.

Elsewhere, has Sheila Canning made a deal with the devil after agreeing to help Paul Robinson sabotage the wedding plans of Gary Canning and Amy Williams - and push Amy back into the arms of her ex-boyfriend, Kyle?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5