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Neighbours spoilers: Who will the winners of the dance marathon be?

Neighbours Week26 Aaron and David

It's Aaron and David versus Mark and Amy at the dance marathon. But will one couple play dirty in order to win the prize?

Newly-engaged couple Aaron Brenan and David Tanaka are desperate to win the prize at Dipi Rebecchi's dance marathon at The Waterhole. But they haven't counted on Aaron's brother Mark and David's sister Amy pairing-up to compete for the crown!

Super-competitive Mark and Amy are determined to go the distance. But when Aaron and David discover contestants can be disqualified for leaving the dance floor and taking more than one toilet break per hour, will they resort to dirty tricks to win?

Meanwhile, Piper is angry with Terese for hiding the letter from Tyler. But when she realises her mum is just trying to help her move on from a guy she may never see again, Piper decides to give Cassius a chance and takes the gardener by surprise with a romantic kiss!

And policewoman Mishti's troubles with blackmailer Dilhan are not over, when she starts to receive threatening messages from him. That night, Mishti is creeped-out when she hears noises from outside the house. Armed, terrified Mishti fires off a warning shot. But has she shot the wrong person?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5