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Neighbours spoilers: Will Paul Robinson discover Jemima's secret?

Neighbours, Paul Robinson, Jemima Davies-Smythe

When Paul does lunch with Jemima, will the crafty businessman discover what Karl's long-lost sister is really doing in Erinsborough?

Susan is still suspicious of hubby Karl's long-lost biological half-sister Jemima, who seems to be in no hurry to find a job and appears to be more than happy to allow her new-found brother to fund her life of leisure.

Susan is determined to dig up some dirt on freeloader Jemima and convinces neighbourhood snoop Sheila to help her find out what Jemima is up to. But when Paul arranges a lunch date with Jemima, to satisfy his own curiosity about the newcomer, will he be the one to unexpectedly discover Jemima's secret?

Meanwhile, at the Retreat, Amy is doing all she can to help manager Gary boost profits so he can raise the extra money he needs to fund daughter Xanthe's university place. But as friends Amy and Gary continue to spend more time together, with Amy even prepared to cancel a date with her new man Rob, could it be Gary is starting to develop romantic feelings for Amy?

Elsewhere, Dipi is worried at the speed her sister Mishti is committing to an arranged marriage with Pavan and urges her sibling to find out more him before she takes the plunge. But when policeman Mishti attempts to be honest with Pavan about her troubled past, will she go as far as telling him about the intimate video that almost destroyed her reputation?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5