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New registrar Isaac gives Dom a shock!

Dom is conflicted when he meets new registrar, Isaac Mayfield, played by former EastEnders star Marc Elliot

Dr Dominic Copeland gets a shock when new registrar Isaac Mayfield arrives on Keller this week. It seems they already know each other – and that's because Dom and Isaac recently had a one-night stand! Issac's amused by the situation, but Dom is reluctant to work with Isaac to treat patient, Ade, found collapsed with stomach pains.

And Dom certainly doesn't appreciate it when Isaac dismisses his idea of performing a routine splenectomy on Ade, suggesting a ‘cutting-edge’ procedure instead. Later, though, it seems Dom’s warmed to having Isaac around. Has unlucky-in-love Dom finally found his Mr Right?

Meanwhile, Jac's all fired up to launch the Digby Stent to the press, but she's left publicly humiliated when a journalist announces that someone in Berlin has already launched the exact same device and Jac faces accusations of plagiarism! How will she react to failure? And will she be able to find out who leaked details of the design?

Also, Raf helps Fletch arrange a birthday surprise for Naomi - but does he have his own reasons for the sweet gesture?