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Planet Child

The van Tullekens find out what makes some kids naughty… or nice

The van Tullekens find out what makes some kids naughty… or nice

In Planet Child, twin doctors Chris and Xand van Tulleken look at children growing up in different cultures around the world.

How do they compare to children in the UK? Could we learn by observing how children in other countries grow up?

Last week the focus was on freedom – and whether we are too risk averse in the UK.

This week, in the second of the three-part series, the Tullekens want to test how, as children, we develop our sense of right and wrong.

Why are some children as good as gold and others spend most of their days hunting out mischief and mayhem?

After a visit to the Namibian Himba tribe, where children are taught to toe the line from an early age, Chris and Xand explore how a group of UK children cope with temptation.

Planet Child

Doctors Chris and Xand van Tulleken want to know more about children's development

They do this in a fascinating experiment in London’s Covent Garden, where the children are left to their own devices in a very tempting sweet shop.

And after that, another test. How will the children know what to do for the best when they spot some abandoned money?

Concludes next week.

TV Times rating: ***