Rise of the Nazis - BBC2

Julius Tamoa as General Kurt von Schleicher

How did a much mocked fringe political party first take over Germany and then challenge the rest of the world? Rise of the Nazis answers the question

The Rise of the Nazis is a three-part documentary series looking at the four years between 1930 and 1934.

These decisive years saw Germany turn from being a liberal democracy to a country with no freedom of speech and most of the political opposition in jail.

Dramatic reconstruction of a meeting with Hitler

Dramatic reconstruction of a meeting with Hitler

Using actors to recreate key moments, the first part recounts how General Kurt von Schleicher and President Hindenburg badly underestimated Adolf Hitler.

They believe that the "Austrian corporal" could be used for their own political machinations. They were badly mistaken.

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Alongside the usual dramatic reconstruction and talking-head historians, a fascinating addition is contributions from the likes of Baroness Helena Kennedy QC and General Sir Mike Jackson on their own fields of expertise.

A must-watch.

TV Times rating: *****