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Robert has a BIG CHAT with his sister Victoria in hour-long Emmerdale special

Robert Sugden

Robert tells Victoria what Lachlan has been up to

Robert's been pushed out by the Whites for his evil deeds. And he's paying for the pain he's caused them by not being allowed to see his baby son Seb. But it's not just Robert who's caused the family grief. Little do they realise, Lachlan has played a part too. Victoria reels when Robert tells her what Lucky's been up to. Will she share the information elsewhere?

Meanwhile, at Home Farm, Rebecca confesses she's been doing some thinking and tells her family about her new plan. Is all this new information about to change things for the Whites?

Having been propositioned by Morris from the council, Nicola and Jimmy have a decision to make. Will Jimmy's conscience get in the way?

Elsewhere, Bernice is nervous about her date with Daz.