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Fred Sirieix, Daniel Clifford Snackmasters
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Two chefs go head-to-head to create a replica of a famous chocolate bar in the first of C4’s new series Snackmasters

The host with the most, First Dates maître d’ Fred Sirieix, challenges two top chefs to recreate some of our favourite snacks in C4's new four-part series Snackmasters.

First up is the KitKat – the classic four-finger chocolate bar that’s been encouraging us to take a break since 1935.

The two chefs taking part are Daniel Clifford (pictured above with Fred) and Vivek Singh, who initially seem a bit flummoxed on how to recreate this layered snack including its famous and all important snap.

Although they both start with the KitKat’s unique shape, perfectionist Daniel forks out a cool £1,700 on a professionally made mould, while Vivek makes a slightly wonky silicone version.

And it doesn’t stop there. Super-competitive Daniel is so obsessed with the bar’s wafers that he’s up until 3am modifying his batter.

While Daniel and Vivek have three weeks to perfect their bars, comedian and snack-a-holic Jayde Adams investigates how real KitKats are made at the Nestle factory in York – where they turn out four million a day!

It’s a bit daft, but you’ll never look at a KitKat the same way again.

Vivek Singh Snackmasters

Chef Vivek Singh takes a break from making a KitKat in C4’s Snackmasters

‘This is no walk in the park,’ says Fred.

‘It’s going to take ingenuity and technical skill to replicate the look and taste of the original.

‘I’m worried for Vivek, he’s up against a force of nature in Daniel.

‘This is turning into a classic tortoise and hare story.’

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As judgment day arrives, who will win the contest?

‘It’s going to be the clash of the titans,’ says Fred.

‘But in the heat of the kitchen, anything can happen!’

TV Times rating: ***