Still Game – BBC1

Jack and Victor in Still Game
(Image credit: BBC/Robert Pereira Hind)

Victor and Jack give themselves a makeover in Still Game this week, as they both decide they need an exciting image change

This week's Still Game sees Victor decide it’s time to add a bit of glamour to his life, so he puts himself forward as the new cover star of Twilight Monthly magazine – after the unfortunate death of their usual OAP model in a tragic jet skiing accident in Barbados.

He’s grown a trendy beard, bought a Hawaiian shirt and is hoping he’ll be living the life of Riley in no time.

Not wanting to be left out, Jack (pictured above with Victor) also gives himself a makeover – well, he dyes his hair ‘Paul McCartney brown’ and buys some shoes that make him taller.

Joe and Winston in Still Game

Joe and Winston compete for the attention of a stray cat

Elsewhere, as Winston battles for the affection of a stray cat with his neighbour Joe, back at the shop, Navid is busy taking on his nemesis – a 13-year-old shoplifter who calls himself The Lone Wolf. 

Shown in Wales at 9.30pm.

TV Times rating: ***