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Tasha gives birth to 'Ella'
Tasha gives birth to 'Ella' (Image credit: five)

Tasha is in labour and Robbie is there for moral support as she gives birth to a little girl. Irene, Robbie and Martha are thrilled, but Tasha feels numb and emotionless when she gazes at the tot. Irene and Martha put Tasha’s quiet and withdrawn mood down to post labour blues, while Robbie tells her how positive the baby has made him feel after their ordeal, and suggests the name ‘Ella’ for the baby – Tasha agrees. But she and Robbie aren’t quite out of the woods yet. Outside the hospital, Robbie runs into Rice who asks him to come down to the police station for questioning in relation to Graham’s death. Jack tells Kim he can’t leave the district until after his indecent assault trial, which outrages Morag and Rachel. Kim’s fuming with anger and things aren’t helped by news of his indecent assault charge being read out over the radio. Bad news certainly travels fast and Kim’s not happy when people start cancelling their gym membership. Colleen stands by him, but Kim is outraged when Amanda turns up and tells him she has to fire him! She’s apologetic. but tells him that this is business, and with gym memberships dropping, she has no choice.

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