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Tina Carter is confronted by a mystery visitor but who is she?

Tina Carter is confronted by a mystery visitor but who is she?
(Image credit: BBC / Jack Barnes)

Tina Carter is left stunned when a mysterious girl comes to the Square, bringing a reminder of Tina’s past with her but who is the mysterious girl?

Tina Carter wakes up with a horrible hangover. She’s stunned to realise she ended up getting a tattoo with a mystery man – who turns out to be a children’s party magician, Magic Marv! Concerned that Tina’s going off the rails, Kathy gives Tina a warning about her behaviour. They are interrupted when a pregnant girl looks faint and Tina rushes to help her. Later, Tina is confused to see the girl, Georgi, in The Vic, being given money by Shirley. It turns out that Georgi is a friend of Tina’s estranged daughter Zsa Zsa. When Georgi realises that Tina is Zsa Zsa’s mum she shares some harsh words, upsetting Tina.

Martin offers an olive branch to Stacey and suggests they take the kids to the community centre to watch a magic show, in a bid to spend time together as a family. Stacey is unsure, but eventually agrees. When Martin finds out that Stacey has invited Kush along too, he is hurt. Storming off, he gets into an argument with the magician, Magic Marv. With things seemingly irreparable, Martin returns home and tells Sonia he’s getting a divorce…

Kim and Vincent are determined to give Pearl the perfect day on her birthday and take her along to see the magician in the community centre. Later, Vincent gets the bad news that the sale of The Albert has fallen through. When he tries to find Kim’s ring to sell, he is horrified – and accuses new cleaner Karen of nicking it! Has Vincent just made an awful mistake?

Also, Bernadette takes the chessboard home to practice.