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Tom Cunningham is collared by the cops!

tom police

The teen is pulled over while driving Darren's car... and there are drugs in the boot!

Tom Cunningham borrows Darren's car, which has a stash of heroin in the boot. He's pulled over by the police for driving too slow just as Darren and Nancy arrive at the scene. Will the police find the drugs?

Holly's surprised to see Brody in Hollyoaks, and both Brody and Damon take a shine to Cleo. Damon and Brody go head to head for Cleo's affections, but Brody ends up kissing Cleo… and they're witnessed by Joel.

Also, Tegan witnesses Yasmine struggling to breath and brings her to hospital. Misbah, however, is furious to see Tegan giving Yasmine medication. Will the pair remain at loggerheads?

And will Warren be there for Sienna in her hour of need?