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A violent Luke Browning turns his anger on brother Josh!

EastEnders - Luke Browning Josh Hemmings
(Image credit: Kieron McCarron)

Luke Browning attacks Josh when his suspicious half-brother starts asking awkward questions about Weyland’s secret project.

Ben has told Jay about what he found in Luke’s wallet. Concerned about the implications, Jay has a word with Lauren to see if she can find anything out at work. When Lauren asks Josh about what projects Weyland are working on at the moment, Josh says he doesn’t know the details. Getting suspicious himself, Josh tries to talk to Luke about it but Luke refuses to tell him anything and gets dangerously angry. Josh warns Lauren not to wind up Luke but she wants to get to the bottom of the mystery. When Lauren does some investigation, she makes an alarming discovery…

Whitney is getting frustrated, as she’s stuck in the middle of Woody and Moose’s petty argument. Annoyed when Woody is patronising, Whitney puts her foot down and puts Moose firmly in his place, reminding them both not to mess with her!

Karen is grateful by the kindness of her neighbours when Shirley arranges to sort out Karen’s electric problem - and Joyce offers her some helpful advice. Meanwhile, Linda starts a collection to raise Karen enough money to pay off the loan shark.