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The stars of this action thriller
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An action-packed thrill ride

In action thriller Wanted, James McAvoy's bored office worker is in for a wild ride after he learns he's destined to be a tough enforcer of justice.

With the help of mysterious Angelina Jolie and sinister Morgan Freeman, both of whom seem to be up to no good at all, McAvoy transforms himself into an tough-as-nails action man in this edge-of-seat thriller.

It seems that McAvoy's deceased dad worked for The Fraternity, a centuries-old society of trained assassins, and now they want McAvoy on the payroll.

With all the beatings, killings and shootings, it's not exactly a refined comic-book adaptation, but it's an ultra-slick, non-stop barrage of thrills, spills and breathtakingly incredible effects, with characters making gravity-defying leaps between skyscrapers, guided bullets seeking their targets round corners and speeding cars being flipped over the top of any and every obstacle.

It's utterly preposterous and incredibly enjoyable - and McAvoy makes the most of a wonderful role for him.