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WWI: The Last Tommies – BBC4

WWI: The Last Tommies. The Worcesters going into action marching and waving their helmets in greeting. The Worcestershire Regiment was an infantry regiment of the line in the British Army, formed in 1881. In the First World War the Regiment saw action in the retreat from Mons,
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Veterans of the First World War recall their experiences, with archive footage used to illustrate events, beginning with the first two years of the war in 1914 and 1915

Filmed over 25 years, men and women who lived through the Great War describe their experiences in this three-parter.

Scottish infantryman Robbie Burns, 103, recounts joining up and how his manager told him it would be a ‘nice, six-month holiday’ for him, and then recalls the fear of going over the top as his comrades fell beside him.

Great War. WW1 bread is served to troops in a front line trench

Lunchtime in a front line trench

Meanwhile, 103 years after her father’s death, Daisy Bastin remembers reading about the sinking of his ship with all hands on the village noticeboard and then going home to tell her mother. Daisy was only seven.

DCFE03 Great War. WW1 bread is served to troops in a front line trench

Counting on man's best friend

All their stories come to life alongside newly restored archive film. Continues tomorrow and Wednesday.

TV Times rating: *****