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Zac leaves Leah heartbroken

Zac confesses to Leah he was considering leaving before she woke up from her coma, leaving her distraught. Leah talks to VJ, who says he took out his frustrations on Zac, but after hearing VJ's point of view, Leah tells Zac to pack his belongings. VJ finds Zac packing his stuff and tells him not to give up. He tries to play the peacemaker and says they both want Zac to stay. Later, VJ tries to get Leah to see sense but in a rage she slaps him.

Hannah and Denny bring the boys lunch, but Andy and Oscar know Hannah is spying on them. Oscar expresses his disappointment and they agree that, if he returns to his old ways, he'll quit his new job at the gym. Denny tries to call Ash but his phone goes to voicemail again.

Also, John is missing Marilyn so Chris decides to cheer him up, but he does the opposite when he cuts Marilyn short when she phones. Irene speaks to John and says Chris was simply looking for some company.