Bridgerton season 3 episode 7 recap: a wedding of joy and heartache

Colin and Penelope's wedding Bridgerton season 3 episode 7
Colin and Penelope's wedding Bridgerton season 3. (Image credit: Netflix)

All eight episodes of Bridgerton season 3 are finally here, and although we had a bit of a wait between part one and part two thanks to Netflix releasing the season in two halves, the whole series is now available to stream worldwide. 

This season follows the romance between Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton as their friendship turns to romance... and of course, it has been far from plain sailing for the couple. 

Here is everything that happened in episode 7... 

The seventh, and penultimate episode of the third season sees the wedding of Colin and Penelope finally arrive - but after Colin unearthed the shocking truth that Penelope is Lady Whistledown in episode six, there is doubt about whether the nuptials will even go ahead. 

The episode opens right where the previous one left off, with Colin confronting Penelope in a dark street after discovering she is Lady Whistledown. They argue as Penelope tries to apologise but as the reality of what is happening dawns on Colin he tells Penelope that he will never forgive her, before walking away and leaving her in the street alone.

The following morning the latest Whistledown society paper has arrived and we hear Cressida's voice as the voiceover, telling her readers that she is proud to be Whistledown before going on to ridicule the Bridgerton family, telling lies about them and leaving Violet horrified about the things that she is saying. 

But as Violet is reading the paper, another Whistledown arrives - this time the one that we know Penelope has written. This time this one is read out with the proper Lady Whistledown voiceover (narrated by Julie Andrews) and she belittles Cressida, telling her readers that while Whistledown might gossip, she always tells the truth. She then goes on to cement her place as the true Lady Whistledown by revealing gossip from round Mayfair, reminding people that she is always listening and on the look out of news. 

Back at Cressida's house, her father is fuming with her and locks her in her room until her aunt Jo comes to take her back to Wales. Cressida is heartbroken and regrets throwing the Bridgertons to the wolves, blaming her mother for her now broken friendship with Eloise. 

Elsewhere, Penelope is walking with her family when she sees Eloise and she tells her that Colin knows the truth. Eloise is surprised and asks how her brother is, and Penelope replies that her wedding is hanging by a thread and that Colin won't even speak to her. She asks Eloise for help, but she says she can't do anything and that she won't help despite Penelope laying her heart on the line for her. 

Back at home, Colin asks Eloise how long she has known that Penelope is Lady Whistledown and she admits it has been since last year. He is cross that she didn't tell him, but also she is cross that he didn't tell her that he was in love with her best friend. Eloise tries to defend Penelope to Colin and reveals that she is trying to find a way to forgive her. 

Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington in episode 306 of Bridgerton

Nicola Coughlan as Penelope Featherington. (Image credit: Liam Daniel/Netflix © 2024)

As Violet and Portia discuss the wedding breakfast, Colin can barely look at Penelope. She asks him if he wants to call off the wedding but he tells her he is a man of honour and as they were intimate that he will still marry her. He asks if this was her way of entrapping him into marriage, but she is adamant that was never her plan. The mothers both know something is wrong between their children, but they have no idea what has gone on. Colin asks Penelope if she will stop publishing, but she tells him she doesn't know and he is cross.

Elsewhere, Benedict goes to visit Lady Tilley Arnold and she explains about what happened the night before. She says that she has a similar relationship with Paul Suarez as she does with Benedict but that Mr Suarez also likes men. She explains that Mr Suarez thought he shared a moment with Benedict the night before and it gives Benedict food for thought.

At the same time, Lord Anderson comes to call on Violet and she is all of a fluster when he arrives, leaving her housemaid amused. He is charming as ever and asks her if they could perhaps spend more time together once the wedding is over. She agrees and tells him that she needs to get her affairs in order before anything can happen, and suggests that he also needs to do the same, referring to his feud with his sister, Lady Danbury.

Queen Charlotte in Bridgerton season 3

Queen Charlotte is getting close to the truth!  (Image credit: Netflix)

That evening, Penelope goes to see Genevieve Delacroix and she thinks she is there because it is the night before her wedding. However, Penelope tells her that she is there because Colin knows the truth. Madame Delacroix offers her advice, telling her that she needs to look forward and own her decisions. But as Penelope goes to leave Colin catches her out alone at night and grills her about where she has been. When she fails to answer, he refuses to tell her what he was doing wandering the streets the night before their wedding and the pair argue. But there are clearly still feelings between them because their argument turns into a passionate kiss that only stops because a carriage goes by. Soon Colin puts Penelope into a carriage home and says he will see her at their wedding in the morning. 

When Colin gets home he is shocked to find Kate and Anthony there waiting for him. They have arrived a day early after Violet asked them to give him some marital advice the night before his wedding. They share their wisdom and reveal that marriage isn't easy and that you have to work at it, but it is worth it in the end. 

The next day Lady Danbury finds her brother in her drawing room and she ins't pleased to see him until he apologises for his wrongs in the past, telling her that he admires her greatly and wants them to be friends again. She soon softens, putting the past behind them and telling him that they have a wedding to attend. 

Meanwhile at the palace Queen Charlotte is listening to people's stories about who they think Whistledown is, everyone wanting that £5000 reward. But it is only when the Queen puts both Cressida and Lady Whistledown's papers next to one another that the penny drops and she releases that the true author must be a Bridgerton because of the way she has tried to defend the family in her latest edition. 

Colin and Penelope's wedding Bridgerton season 3

Colin and Penelope get married, but their happiness is shortlived.  (Image credit: Netflix)

At the church, everyone is gathering for the wedding of the year, with everyone excited to see Colin and Penelope get married. Penelope is stunning in her wedding dress, but nervous about how Colin is going to be with her, but as she walks down the aisle he gives her a little nod of encouragement and she realises all is going to be okay. He looks happy as they say their vows and they are finally married, sharing a kiss as they are pronounced husband and wife... and even Eloise has a little tear in her eye at the happy moment. 

At the wedding breakfast everything is very opulent and very 'Portia' but everyone seems to have having a good time. As Kate and Anthony talk about going to India to have their baby, Penelope is fed up of feeling like a wallflower at her own wedding and asks Colin to dance with her. They take to the centre of the room and dance like no one is watching. 

Soon everyone else joins in and the wedding is a huge success until Queen Charlotte arrives unannounced and demands that anyone who isn't a Bridgerton leaves the room. Penelope goes to exit, but Colin reminds her that she is a Bridgerton now, and soon the Queen tells them that she knows one of them is hiding a secret and that she intends to find out who it is. 

It's a tense moment until Francesca steps forward and tells the Queen that she is secretly engaged and that she is sorry she hasn't told her and asked for her permission to marry Lord Kilmartin. But the Queen isn't bothered by her engagement and it is Lady Whistledown that she wants to unmask.

Colin and Penelope's wedding Bridgerton season 3

Eloise comforts Penelope.  (Image credit: Netflix)

Anthony tells the Queen that no one there is Lady Whistledown and the Queen leaves without finding out who she really is... and Penelope leaves the room in a hurry, horrified at the moment that almost got her in trouble with the monarch.

Colin follows and tells her that this is proof that she needs to stop writing as Lady Whistledown, if anything to keep her safe. But Penelope refuses to give up her lives work and Colin tells her that he will sleep on the sofa that night, despite it being their wedding night. Eloise hears what has happened and hugs Penelope, telling her that everything will be okay.

While Colin and Penelope's new marriage hangs in the balance, Benedict is seen going to Lady Tilley Arnold's house and spends the night with her and Mr Suarez.

Colin and Penelope's wedding Bridgerton season 3

Has Cressida worked out the truth?  (Image credit: Netflix)

But while the Queen might not have found out who Lady Whistledown is at the wedding, it seems Penelope's secret won't stay hidden for long because Cressida is at the printers, trying to get her money from the paper printed the previous week, needing the money to run away from home. But the printer tells her that she can't be Lady Whistledown because he has heard that the true author has red hair. Intrigued for more information, Cressida presses him for more, and we can see him telling her everything he knows. 

Is she about to work out that Penelope is Lady Whistledown?

All episodes of Bridgerton season 3 are available on Netflix now. 

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