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Dr. Patrick Turner — our guide to the 'Call the Midwife' character

Stephen McGann as Dr Patrick Turner.
Dr Patrick Turner is played by Stephen McGann. (Image credit: BBC)

Dr. Patrick Turner is a long-running character on BBC's Call the Midwife, and is the GP who works very closely with the nurses and midwives at Nonnatus House. 

He has been a regular member of the cast since Season one, and has been involved in many key storylines. The only episode he hasn't appeared in was Season 1 episode 4, but aside from that he's been in every episode to date.

He has become quite the iconic character among Call the Midwife fans, and is known for being a very caring person and deeply respected by everyone around him.

Here's everything you need to know about Dr. Patrick Turner...

Who plays Dr. Patrick Turner?

Dr. Patrick Turner is played by Stephen McGann, who is the brother of Hollyoaks' star Joe McGann and Perplexed Music's Mark McGann. The family are from Kensington, Liverpool. Stephen has also starred in The Bill, Doctors and Grushko.

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Dr. Patrick Turner's personality

Dr. Patrick Turner cares deeply about all of his patients, and seems to have a great working relationship with everyone at Nonnatus House. At one point he was also a single father, following the death of his first wife, so he's known for having a lot of responsibilities in his life.

In an interview with PBS, Stephen McGann described his character as: "Enthusiastic, flawed and good. Enthusiastic, because of how much of a firebrand he is, always trying to make things better. He adores his work and never stops. Flawed, because he’s not a perfect person, he makes mistakes."

Dr. Patrick Turner's relationship with Shelagh Turner (formerly Sister Bernadette)

In Season 2, Patrick marries Shelagh Turner after the two develop feelings for one another. Shelagh was formerly known as Sister Bernadette, before making the decision to renounce her vows and stop being a nun. Patrick and Shelagh marry in the 2013 Christmas Special, but the day takes a dramatic turn when Patrick's son Timothy contracts polio. He manages to recover in time for the wedding, but he had to wear braces.

Following the wedding, Shelagh discovers she's unlikely to ever carry a child of her own, although Patrick doesn't seem as distraught as his new wife. The couple adopt a daughter named Angela, and in Season 6, Shelagh discovers she's pregnant despite previously being told her chances of conceiving were low.

At the end of the season, Shelagh gives birth to the couple's son who they name Edward Patrick Turner, more affectionately known as Teddy.