Lockwood & Co. season 1 episode 7 recap: A team divided

The Bone Glass in Lockwood & Co.
Lockwood & Co. are out to finally get their hands on the Bone Glass. (Image credit: Netflix)

NOTE: This post contains spoilers for Lockwood & Co. season 1 episode 7, “Mesmerised.”

Anthony, Lucy and George team up with Flo to infiltrate Winkman’s auction and get their hands on the bone glass in Lockwood & Co.'s seventh episode on Netflix. Let’s recap exactly how well that went for them. 

Trouble among friends

Flo Bones in a leather jacket

Flo. (Image credit: Netflix)

Once they meet up with Flo, the team hops on her boat out on the Thames and discusses their plan to get into Winkman’s auction. She needs to stay on the boat while they go in, and she’ll need help to get them out as quickly as possible so one of them needs to stay back. George volunteers knowing full well the other two are more inclined to jump into the lion’s den, although he is not particularly pleased to be left behind once again.

Sneaking into the building where the auction is taking place, Lucy and Lockwood are spotted by one of Winkman’s goons, but that man turns out to be an undercover DEPRAC officer. 

He wants them to leave to avoid messing up with his own mission, but Lockwood cannot go back now when they are so close to getting the mirror back. He decides to press on and Lucy, feeling like she cannot leave him behind, stays as well. She is quite annoyed with his obsession with winning and she wonders how Lockwood & Co. could ever be a family when Lockwood is so self-centered and doesn’t want to let anyone in.

A high-risk mission

They don’t have time to dwell on their feelings however, and must get on with the plan. Hiding under robes, just like the other buyers on site, they make their way to the auction. When Winkman uncovers the bone glass, a loud buzzing starts, making Lucy uneasy. The mirror is covered for the audience’s protection and as the antique seller gives a description of the item, Lockwood gives a few flares to Lucy, telling her he will need a distraction to get to the bone glass. 

The auction starts and everyone seems to want the mirror. Even Lockwood participates in hopes to get closer to the item. When he does, the Winkmans spot his rapier and alert their guards. While Lucy desperately tries to light up the flares, Winkman removes Lockwood’s hood and things escalate. 

Lucy throws the flares, and Lockwood uses the diversion to grab the bone glass along with other sources on display. They run but Winkman and his men catch up with them. He notices a look between the undercover agent and Lockwood and suspects they know each other, so he orders the agent to convince him otherwise. Instead of killing Anthony, the agent helps them escape and is beaten up to death by Winkman and his men for it. 

Lockwood and Lucy continue their escape, running up to the roof and using the sources to delay their enemies. On the way, they cross paths with the Golden Blade once again, who also wants the bone glass, but Lucy manages to knock him out and they go to the roof, where they decide to throw the mirror in the water for George to retrieve. The Golden Blade then reappears and threatens to kill them, giving them no other choice but to jump into the Thames.

The Golden Blade with his rapier outstretched

The Golden Blade returns to harass the team. (Image credit: Netflix)

Out on the river

Hanging back on Flo’s boat, George is worried about how things are going for Lockwood and Lucy. He is clearly on edge and Flo has to remind him that he is safe on the water with her. He asks her whether she ever feels alone in her solitary relic woman life and Flo explains that the solitary aspect is what she likes about it. They are interrupted when she spots a heron and Flo tells George about their nest before taking the boat’s helm. Thinking she wants to abandon the mission to go bird watching, George tries to stop her but she tells him she only wants to put them back in position as they have drifted. The tension that exudes from George starts to concern her more and more.

Flo eventually confronts George about how he seems to be obsessed with the mirror. He tries to argue that she is more traumatized than he is but Flo has seen her fair share of kids messed up by ghosts, and she can tell something is wrong with George. Seeing that he is mesmerized by the mirror, she took him away from it. Only when he points his rapier at Flo does George realize she is right. So when they finally receive Lucy’s cry for help over the radio, they decide to return to the wharf to get them. 

After fishing the bone glass out of the water, Flo takes George to DEPRAC to turn it in, convinced he will do the right thing. But as he walks in, George changes his mind. He sits outside with it for a while before going to a phone box to call a friend. Meanwhile, Lucy and Lockwood make it out of the river but Lucy is very angry with her associate and pushes him away.

Who did George call and what will he do with the mirror? Will Lucy forgive Lockwood’s recklessness? Find out more in the next episode of Lockwood & Co.

The first full season of Lockwood & Co. is now available on Netflix

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