Lockwood & Co. season 1 episode 8 recap: Rescue mission

Lucy holding Skull up to the bone glass in Lockwood & Co.
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NOTE: This post contains spoilers for Lockwood & Co. season 1 episode 8, “Not the Eternal.”

After the ordeal at Winkman’s, Lucy is quite upset with Anthony while George sets off to uncover the mystery of the bone glass with the help of Pamela. Let’s recap the last episode of Lockwood & Co.’s first season and see what went down.

Off to save George

Once again, Lucy is mad at Lockwood for being reckless and risking their lives for a bet, but she can never stay upset with him for very long so when he apologizes and asks her not to give up on him, Lucy softens. The boy finally realizes that he has people who care about him now and that shouldn’t act the way he does. 

Together, they take a closer look at Mary Dulac’s book and find out that she killed Bickerstaff in self-defense because he forced her to look into the bone glass. Her writings go on to explain that the bone glass is not a mirror, but a window; one look at it, and she only wanted more. Lucy and Lockwood then notice the book’s illustration of the bone glass matches drawings that George has been leaving all over the place and realize he is in danger. 

To find out what happened to George, Lucy interrogates the Skull and learns that he is with Pamela Joplin and that they went to the cemetery. But the Skull will only help more if Lucy agrees to take him with them to see his master. 

Meanwhile, George meets up with Pamela at Kensal Green. They want to use the bone glass to learn more about the Problem, which is why she tells him he made the right choice not to give it to DEPRAC. But after talking to the Skull, Anthony and Lucy figure out that Pamela is as mesmerized by the mirror as George is, and that she has been after it this all time, to the point that she hired Carver to steal it and killed him when he double-crossed her to sell it to Winkman.

Joplin (Louise Brealey)

Pamela Joplin is revealed to be just as intrigued by the bone glass. (Image credit: Netflix)

Into the catacombs

George and Pamela go down to the catacombs where she says she has something to show him. Hearing a noise, George goes to check it out and finds Kipps struggling with a ghost. He saves him and realizes Kipps was unable to defend himself because he has lost his talent. The Fittes agent threatens to kill George if he tells anyone but Pamela intervenes and puts him in handcuffs. Confused as to why Pamela has handcuffs and a knife in the first place, George follows her nonetheless as she guides them away.

When Lockwood and Lucy arrive at the cemetery, they find that Bickerstaff’s corpse is no longer in his coffin. They are looking for a way to operate the catafalque and go down the catacombs when they are interrupted by the rest of Kipps’ team. But instead of fighting, the two groups decide to team up. Seeing that there are men arriving at the cemetery– Winkman and his goons– Lockwood sends Lucy to help George while he stays behind to fight the relic men off. 

Using the vulnerable

As she searches the catacombs for George, Lucy asks the Skull about the mirror. He tells her it is a window to see the Eternal but isn’t able to explain what that means as he never looked at it directly. Indeed he adds that the only way to look at the bone glass safely is through someone else’s eyes, someone curious and vulnerable enough. Lucy puts two and two together and understands that Pamela’s plan is to use George to look through the mirror.

As he ties Kipps to a chair and keeping in mind the handcuffs and the knife, George starts to come to a similar conclusion. Seeing that Bickerstaff’s body is there, he realizes they are not here to perform a scientific experiment but that, instead, Pamela had planned to use him to look at the mirror before Kipps shows up. But Kipps has lost his talent, and that makes him a bad conduit, so she turns her knife toward George. 

Saving friends

Bickerstaff's Ghost bearing down on Lucy and George in Lockwood & Co.

Bickerstaff's ghost threatens to ruin everything. (Image credit: Netflix)

When Lucy finds him, George tells her she should not have come for him but she refuses to lose him, so she volunteers to look at the mirror instead of him. As she can talk with Type Three ghosts, she convinces Pamela she is stronger and a better choice to unlock the mirror’s secrets. 

Though when the time comes, Lucy outsmarts Joplin and uses the Skull to look at the mirror instead of her. He screams that something has changed, that it is not the Eternal but a trap they need to destroy. As Lucy loses consciousness, George gets up and runs to the mirror to knock it to the ground. 

The glass shatters and Pamela picks it up, but when she looks at it, it destroys her. This time, the mirror is well and truly broken. It releases several ghosts who, instead of attacking George and Lucy seem grateful they are no longer trapped in the bone glass. There is no time to catch a break though as Bickerstaff’s unleashed ghost comes after Lucy and George.

After fighting off Winkman and his men, Anthony rushes to the catacombs to save his friends and Kipps. However, on his way, he runs into the Golden Blade who, although he refuses to say who he is, reveals that he knew of Anthony’s parents. But instead of giving more explanation, he pulls out a gun and fires it at Lockwood. But it’s not that easy to kill Anthony who magically shows up right on time to save his associates by throwing everything he has at Bickerstaff’s ghost while they run to cover his body back up with a net.

After going back to the surface to get patched up by DEPRAC, the team regroups with Kipps. Lucy tells him they will not tell anyone about his fading talent, and he and Lockwood finally make peace. We also get to see the Golden Blade meeting with Penelope Fittes, and while the nature of their collaboration is unclear, it is becoming obvious that the respected Penelope is up to no good. The episode ends back at the agency where Lockwood tells his team he will be completely honest with them from now on, and that starts by showing them what’s behind the mysterious door on the landing. 

What’s Penelope Fittes’ real deal? We’ll have to wait for another season of Lockwood & Co. on Netflix to find out. In the meantime, if you've got any other burning questions, check out our Lockwood & Co. ending explained feature.

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