Mayans M.C. season 5 episode 3 recap: EZ and the Mayans cross a line

Clayton Cardenas and Michael Irby in Mayans M.C.
Clayton Cardenas and Michael Irby in Mayans M.C. (Image credit: Prashant Gupta/FX)

NOTE: this post contains spoilers for Mayans M.C. season 5 episode 3, "Do You Hear the Rain."

The Mayans are in the middle of a tense nighttime raid in Mexico. After shooting their way into a secure facility, they take a truck full of supplies to make drugs and kidnap the man who knows how to make them. EZ (JD Pardo) is putting his plan to take down the cartel in place.

Cut to a small grocery store where Emily (Sarah Bolger) is doing a little shopping with her son. But she and Cristobal are accompanied by a nanny and a bodyguard everywhere because Miguel (Danny Pino) doesn't trust her. Emily thinks about making a run for it when both her watchers are getting various items for her, but the bodyguard comes back before she can reach the door. 

Back at the Mayans home base, EZ makes it clear to Elio, the drug maker, he works for him. EZ explains if he wants to see his family again he needs to start making drugs for the Mayans. EZ assigns Bottles (Alex Barone) to help Elio make the drugs.

At the Reyes house, Felipe (Edward James Olmos) is going through some old photos in a shoebox when he finds a packet of letters from Miguel's mother and a photo of Miguel as a boy that looks very similar to Miguel's son. Felipe drives to Miguel's compound, where Miguel is teaching his son how to change the tire on a bike. 

Miguel is not happy to see Felipe, even though he just wanted to bring Miguel the packet of letters and the photo. Felipe offers peace, saying he just wants Miguel to know more about him and his family. Miguel threatens he will bury Felipe in the hills if he ever comes back. Felipe leaves, but he leaves the letters and the photo with Miguel, who later on does look through them.

Lincoln Potter (Ray McKinnon) is hauled in by Patricia Devlin (Dana Delaney), the Deputy AG. She wants him to explain some inconsistencies. But he's not the only one getting called on the carpet. ATF agent Melissa Lydecker (Carla Gallo) brings Katie (Stella Maeve) into her office and yells at her for going to see Creeper (Joseph Raymond Lucero) in prison. She takes Katie's gun and badge and fires her. On her way out, Katie steals Melissa's ID and uses it to enter the records room to find out who the informant is that’s been reporting on the Mayans to the Feds. Later she gives the name of the rat to Creeper.

Hope (Vanessa Giselle) and Letty (Emily Tosta) return to Meth Mountain to pull off a robbery that will get them the money they need to stay at Coco's place. Hope is uncomfortable and tries to leave twice, but she isn't allowed once she's started the process of waiting for meth.  Letty bursts in with a knife, but the security guard instantly has a gun. While Letty and Hope are trying to figure out what to do, Butterfly (Spenser Granese) spots Hope. When he calls Hope's name, Letty stabs the door guard, steals the bag of money on the table and runs out dragging Hope with her. In a hail of automatic gunfire they drive away.

When they count out the money it's more than they need to pay the debt Coco left, so they can stay in the house. Hope is worried Butterfly will come after them but Letty won't give up the home. She tells Hope it's all she has left of Coco. 

Angel (Clayton Cardenas) struggles with EZ's plan to take on the cartel. He talks to Obispo (Michael Irby) about his struggles between fatherhood and loyalty to the club. Obispo tells Angel to do whatever it takes to be a father. Later on, Obispo goes to Maggie (Presciliana Esparolini) for comfort, telling her he's ready to stay forever.

EZ meets Emily in a park. She asks him to get her a car that can't be traced and won't be noticed and leave it by the service entrance of the grocery store. Emily is planning on taking Cristobal and running.

Sarah Bolger and JD Pardo in Mayans M.C.

Sarah Bolger and JD Pardo in Mayans M.C. (Image credit: Prashant Gupta/FX)

The Sons of Anarchy are still lurking, as Mayans bartender Jess (Grace Rizzo) is set up by her sister. Under the guise of having dinner, Jess is ambushed by a member of the Sons of Anarchy, who wants to know where the Sons' guns are. He warns Jess that she doesn't know what Proctor is capable of.

EZ and Angel take a kilo of the drugs Elio made to Cole (Branton Box). EZ says that's just a sample of what they could make and that the Mayans can eliminate Cole's risk of getting drug shipments across the border, maximizing profits. In exchange, EZ wants the Mayans back in control of the prisons. Cole tells EZ they have his attention and if they can get him 10 kilos in the next few days they can talk. There's no going back now.

The episode ends when Creeper calls Hank (Frankie Loyal) from prison to warn him there's a rat in Mayans inner sanctum. Hank gets ready to protect the club at all costs.

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