Meet the How to Build a Sex Room cast: who's who in the new Netflix series

How to Build a Sex Room interior
How to Build a Sex Room sees Melanie Rose designing beautiful, intimate spaces. (Image credit: Netflix)

How to Build a Sex Room was a surprise hit for Netflix with everyone tuning in to the raunchy Changing Room style reality series which sees couples exploring their sexuality and kinks by having bespoke sex rooms designed based on their individual tastes.

The series is hosted by designer Melanie Rose, who meets people to get an idea of what they're looking for when it comes to their ideal sex rooms, to help them spice up their lives and get the most out of their homes — even beyond the bedroom.

From couples with children to a seven-person polyamorous relationship, there are all sorts of people featured on the show wanting sex rooms for their own personal reasons.

In this feature, we answer everything you need to know about Melanie and all the people who appear in the series, so read on to find out everything you need to know about How to Build a Sex Room...

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Who is How to Build a Sex Room host Melanie Rose?

How to Build a Sex Room host Melanie Rose

Melanie Rose helps people design their ideal intimate space in this new series. (Image credit: Netflix)

Melanie is an interior designer from Surrey, England, and initially specialized in luxury bathrooms and kitchen designs, before finding herself designing sex rooms about a decade ago at the request of a client, something she's continued doing since then.

At a Netflix press event, Rose explained: "Actually, I was approached by a client of mine and they asked if I had ever designed a sex room before. It was a bit shocking.” While hesitant at first, she changed her mind after some research. “And I thought, Why not? Why wouldn’t I go and design a sex room?”. And the rest, as they say, is history."

Since then, she's focused her business on specializing in sex rooms for clients, creating safe, intimate and often quite beautiful spaces to satisfy people, and she shows off her expertise in Netflix's latest series.

Who are the cast members?

Taylor and Ayjay

How to Build a Sex Room stars Taylor and Ayjay

Taylor and Ayjay wanted a rock 'n' roll sex basement, hidden away underneath their home. (Image credit: Netflix)

Taylor and Ayjay appear in episode one of How to Build a Sex Room and wanted Melanie's assistance to help them build a rock 'n' roll inspired basement where they could "spice things up, elevate and have a lot of fun". Their basement is hidden away under the floor, giving them a private, secret space that's perfect for unleashing their fantasies.

Further explaining their reasons, Taylor said: "For us, having a space where we can continue to push the boundary, continue to push ourselves, our relationship, that's why we want a sex room."

Raj and Ryan

Raj and Ryan

Raj and Ryan wanted an oasis that balanced both of their styles and was an escape from work. (Image credit: Netflix)

Raj and Ryan are the next couple to meet with Melanie, hoping she could design a space for them to escape and forget about the stresses of their work life. However, with different styles it was a seemingly complicated task.

Raj said: "Our styles are completely different. I'm a Bohemian kind of person and he likes, you know, high-end classic stuff. We just can't seem to come to a common ground about the bedroom and how we want it to be and what we want it to feel like in there."

Hannah and Wesley

Hannah and Wesley

Hannah and Wesley wanted to turn their basement into a spot for shower sex. (Image credit: Netflix)

In episode 2, we meet Hannah and Wesley who are busy parents to a three-year-old boy, meaning they sometimes struggle to get some alone time. They enlisted Melanie's help to create a cabin-style, rustic environment that's great for shower sex.

Hannah explained: "Our three-year-old has taken over all of our space, we don't really have our privacy anymore."

Wesley added: "He's taken over down here, upstairs, our bedroom", which is why the two wanted a special place that's just for them to enjoy.

Orlando and Matthew

Orlando and Matthew

Orlando and Matthew are in a long-distance relationship and wanted a special intimate place. (Image credit: Netflix)

Episode 3 introduces us to business owner Matthew and his partner, graduate student Orlando. The two are in a long-distance relationship which provides a unique set of challenges, hence why they want Melanie's help.

Orlando said: "For me, it's really important that in his house we have a shared space" and Matthew added: "And that it was kind of built for us.", so their room was important to them as a way of spending quality time together when they were able to be in the same city.

Shenika and Matthew

Shenika and Matthew

Shenika and Matthew want to improve their sex life after having kids. (Image credit: Netflix)

Later on in episode 3, we meet Shenika and Matthew who have three children and are keen to reconnect with each other, so they brought in Melanie to help make that happen.

They're a very busy couple with Shenika admitting she has "about four jobs" with Matthew working full-time as a truck driver, so they don't get a lot of time together day to day. With conflicting schedules, it's affected their sex life so Melanie is here to provide solutions.

Lester and Soriya

Lester and Soriya

Lester and Soriya are in a polyamorous relationship and want to ensure everyone is satisfied. (Image credit: Netflix)

Lester and Soriya are polyamorous and are in a relationship comprised of seven people (called The Family), so it's up to Melanie to help all partners involved have a space to indulge and feel comfortable with each other.

With seven different opinions to consider, this room was very different from what Melanie is used to, and works with Lester and Soriya to accommodate everyone's fantasies and needs.

Meaghan and Dave

Meaghan and Dave

Meaghan and Dave are all about five-star vibes. (Image credit: Netflix)

Episode 4's Meaghan and Dave have been together two years and are a blended family with children from a previous relationship. They're looking for trust and honesty, and hoped that Melanie's expertise would create a room perfect for them to deepen their bond, and they want it to be spa-like and luxurious.

Meaghan explained: "We want a place that's not just kid related. Our whole lives revolve around children so we would like a space that's just for us."

Ouima and Jesse

Ouima and Jesse

Ouima and Jesse are first time homeowners and want to reconnect with each other. (Image credit: Netflix)

After moving into their new home, Ouima and Jesse were keen to spice up their relationship. Ouima is a boutique owner and Jessie is a product manager in financial technology, so they're very different people but have been together for three years and are building a happy home together.

Speaking about how their home has changed them, Jesse said: "I think living in this home has made intimacy more adult, but we're not leaving time for fun and for excitement and passion". As a result, they've turned to Melanie for help making a seductive cabaret lounge.

Bettie and Brody

Bettie and Brody

Bettie and Brody want a sex room fit for two performers. (Image credit: Netflix)

Glam couple Bettie and Brody are a burlesque performer and a drag artist respectively, so the two are big on fashion and being on stage, and the element of performance is one of the reasons the couple wanted a sex room.

Explaining to Melanie, Bettie said: "I think having a really cool performer space that we can get ready together and have an intimate space" while Brody said he wanted to turn off the "muggle everyday lives" and escape somewhere.

Tricia and Gary

Tricia and Gary

Tricia and Gary have been married 15 years and want to explore their secret kinky side. (Image credit: Netflix)

High school sweethearts Tricia and Gary want to spice up their marriage and explore a kinkier side, which is where Melanie comes in. The couple live on a farm with their two children and have made space for a sex room that's their own private space.

Explaining why they called Melanie, Gary explained: "We're learning new things about each other and having a great time" but Tricia added they were in need of more privacy so they could explore things together.

Heather and Sara

Heather and Sara

Heather and Sara are always travelling and want to make time for more intimate moments. (Image credit: Netflix)

Episode 5's Heather and Sara travel in their van together and both have professions that are remote so they can explore the world while working, however, they're worried they're becoming "two friends living in a van" rather than a couple. 

Explaining why they wanted a sex room, they told Melanie: "We've been in this bad boy for about a year and let's just say our sex life has dwindled a bit."



Lisa is all about enjoying the single life. (Image credit: Netflix)

Finally, stand-up comedian Lisa wants a space to enjoy the single life and asked Melanie to make her a space she could enjoy as a proud, 52-year-old single lady who now has the freedom to explore properly. 

Explaining why she's on the show, Lisa said: "I can do whatever I want now at this phase of my life and I can go out and date. Life's too short not to have fun."

How to Build a Sex Room is available to watch on Netflix.

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