Meet the Smiley cast: who's who guide for Netflix comedy series

Carlos Cuevas and Miki Esparbé in Smiley
Carlos Cuevas and Miki Esparbé in Smiley (Image credit: ANDREA RESMINI/NETFLIX)

If you haven't heard, Netflix has managed to find another quirky and unique comedy on its hands. Smiley is based on Guillem Clua’s hit play of the same name, following two men and their friends in Barcelona, Spain, as they awkwardly navigate the hangups of dating and romance in their quest for true love.

So just who is fronting this new show on the streamer?  Meet the cast of Smiley below. 

Miki Esparbé as Bruno

Miki Esparbé in Smiley

Miki Esparbé in Smiley (Image credit: ANDREA RESMINI/NETFLIX)

Bruno is the slightly uptight architect and brainiac who is not necessarily searching for romance, as he knows how treacherous the dating game can be. However, after interacting with Alex (Carlos Cuevas), he finds himself falling in love, which frightens him. So what does he do when he's scared of falling for Alex? He starts doing some self-sabotage. Bruno lashes out at Alex reducing him to a pretty face and the architect additionally weaponizes his intelligence. 

Miki Esparbé's previous acting credits include Reyes de la Noche, The Innocent and Alive and Kicking.  

Carlos Cuevas as Alex

Carlos Cuevas as Alex smiling in Smiley

Carlos Cuevas in Smiley (Image credit: Netflix)

In the series, Alex is the hunky bartender and gym aficionado that is looking for love. Despite having his fair share of suitors, he's not been able to find "the one." After his latest stint of choosing the wrong one, he actually calls the ex that he feels did him wrong to leave an angry voicemail. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, he dialed the wrong number and got Bruno instead. This mistake pretty much leads to the foundation of the show. 

Cuevas, who plays Bruno, has previously starred in a number of series including Leonardo, Merlí, Sapere Aude and Boundless.  

Pepón Nieto as Javier 

Pepón Nieto in Smiley

Pepón Nieto in Smiley (Image credit: LUCIA FARAIG/NETFLIX)

Javier is the co-owner of the bar Bar Bero, the central hangout spot of the series, and also the bar where Alex works. Javier, who additionally does drag performances as Keena, is a bold character and doesn't mind putting it all on the line. However, Javier is oddly adverse to big changes, a point that becomes evident when he outs Vero's secret (Meritxell Calvo) to her girlfriend as a way to subconsciously prevent Vero from leaving Barcelona (or perhaps punish her). 

Pepón Nieto is no novice actor. For over 15 years he played Mariano in Los Hombres de Paco and also starred in the series Boundless.  

Meritxell Calvo as Vero

Meritxell Calvo in Smiley

Meritxell Calvo in Smiley (Image credit: ANDREA RESMINI/NETFLIX)

Vero is the other co-owner of Bar Bero, and she actually is the creative force behind the bar’s name. She is a no-nonsense type of person and has no qualms about calling out her friends if she thinks it is in their best interest. Case and point, she is the one that pushes her bestie Alex to go out of his comfort zone and be open to developing something romantic Bruno. Additionally, Vero is dating Patricia (Giannina Futtero). 

Looking at Meritxell Calvo’s resume, you’ll find that she has previously starred as Susana in the hit show Amar en Tiempos Revueltos, a role she occupied for over ten years. She’s also been in Lifeline.  

Giannina Fruttero as Patricia

Giannina Fruttero in Smiley

Giannina Fruttero in Smiley (Image credit: ANDREA RESMINI/NETFLIX)

Patricia, aka Vero's loyal girlfriend, is madly in love with her partner. She's so in love, that Patricia tries her best to work things out with Vero when she finally hears the secret she's been hiding. 

Giannina Fruttero is also no stranger to TV, having starred in La Jauría and HBO Max's Los Espookys.  

Eduardo Lloveras as Albert

Eduardo Lloveras in Smiley

Eduardo Lloveras in Smiley (Image credit: ANDREA RESMINI/NETFLIX)

Bruno's best friend Albert often provides him with some wise counsel. Although, when Bruno initially informs Albert of his plans to meet Alex for the first time, Albert and his wife Núria (Ruth Llopis) try to dissuade their friend from doing it. Speaking of Núria, Albert does his best to rekindle his fire with her that has seemed to die down a bit since the two started having kids. 

Prior to his work in Smiley, Lloveras was seen in Los Protegidos: El Regreso, Intimacy and If Only.  

Ruth Llopis as Núria

Ruth Llopis and Miki Esparbé in Smiley

Ruth Llopis and Miki Esparbé in Smiley (Image credit: ANDREA RESMINI/NETFLIX)

Núria, Alberts's loving wife, is also not ignorant to the fact that her marriage has changed since the birth of their children. She too hopes to find the passion she once shared with her husband. 

Ruth Llopis previously starred in El Secreto de Puente Viejo, Valeria and Sicília Sense Morts.  

Ramón Pujol as Ramon

Ramón Pujol in Smiley

Ramón Pujol in Smiley (Image credit: ANDREA RESMINI/NETFLIX)

Ramon represents the safer romantic option for Bruno. However, as Bruno gets to know Ramon better and comes to grips with the fact that his heart belongs elsewhere, Ramon and Bruno's relationship turns hostile. Their contentious dynamic only worsens as Ramon takes on a management position at Bruno's place of employment. 

Ramón Pujol is an actor that has been seen in TV shows such as Ciega a Citas, Com Si Fos Ahir and Queer You Are

Smiley is currently available to stream on Netflix. See what else is streaming on Netflix in December.

By the way, given the LGBTQ+ theme at the core of the series and its similarity in tone, if you find yourself being a fan of Smiley, you may want to check out the film Bros, which is now streaming on Peacock

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