Meet The Strays cast: who's who in the Netflix thriller movie

The Strays cast Jorden Myrie as Carl and Bukky Bakray as Dione
The Strays is a Netflix thriller movie. (Image credit: Netflix)

The Strays is a thriller film that follows Neve, a deputy headmistress at a local school. She seems to have a perfect life, she raises money for charity, her home, clothes and hair is always immaculate, and yet something's about to disrupt the status quo.

One day, Neve starts noticing two people around town who just don’t "belong" which sets off a chain of events that could endanger her and her family. But who are the newcomers, and what do they want?

The new movie is the feature film debut for writer-director Nat Martello-White, and it'll be available to watch on Netflix globally.

Here's everything you need to know about The Strays cast...

Ashley Madekwe as Neve Williams

Ashley Madekwe as Neve with her arms folded

(Image credit: Netflix)

Neve is well respected by those around her. However, she still has some insecurities as her life wasn't always like this, and she had a tough upbringing on a council estate. As a result, she worries she'll never be able to fully fit in with her new, affluent community.

On top of this, Neve tries to control her teenage children, who are exploring parts of their identities that she disapproves of. She's worked hard to curate the perfect life, but something's about to disrupt it, forcing it to spiral out of control.

Ashley Madekwe is known for starring in the TV series SalemDiary of a Call Girl and Revenge. She is perhaps best known for playing Detective Eudora Patch in the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy

Justin Salinger as Ian Williams

Justin Salinger dancing with Ashley Madekwe in The Strays

(Image credit: Netflix)

Ian is Neve's distinguished husband who clearly loves his wife dearly, however he doesn't understand why she's so hard on their children or the newcomers into their lives. He's stood by her side regardless but that could potentially change...

Justin Salinger is known for his role as Carl Meisner in the action series Hanna, and for his portrayal as Ulysses S. Grant in the mini-series Grant

Jorden Myrie as Marvin

Jorden Myrie as Marvin, sitting in a chair with his legs crossed

(Image credit: Netflix)

Marvin strikes up a friendship with Neve’s son, Sebastian, despite her objections. He's the newly hired janitor at the school and when he's sure Neve's not looking, he shows Sebastian how to smoke a cigarette and steps in to help him get revenge on a school bully.

But despite his outward friendly nature, is Marvin really who he seems and can Sebastian trust him?

Actor Jorden Myrie is known for his roles in dramas such as MoodScrew and Stephen.

Bukky Bakray as Abigail

Bukky Bakray as Abigail looking through a window

(Image credit: Netflix)

Abigail lands a job working for Neve's husband Ian and befriends their daughter, Mary, which helps her worm her way into Neve's life. However it's not long before the newcomer lashes out at her new friend, is she jealous of her home life?

Bukky Bakray won the Rising Star Award at the 2021 BAFTAs, for her role as Olushola Omotoso in the film Rocks. She is also known for her role in You Don’t Know Me. 

Samuel Small as Sebastian

Samuel Small as Sebastian wearing a blue shirt

(Image credit: Netflix)

Sebastian is Neve's son, and he's confused and frustrated by his mother’s attempts to control pretty much every aspect of his life including who he hangs out with and what music he listens to. He seems to make a real friend in Marvin, but Neve really doesn't approve.

The Strays is Samuel Small's first feature film, and his first on-screen role saw him playing one of Varys’ “little birds” in Game of Thrones. He is also known for playing Rob in the teen series So Awkward.

Maria Almeida as Mary

Maria Almeida as Mary wearing a white lace outfit

(Image credit: Netflix)

Mary is a soft-spoken teen who’s almost always obedient to her mom. However, she soon begins hanging out with newcomer Abigail who's been very complimentary to her, but there's a dark side to Abigail that she's not aware of.

Rising actress Maria Almeida has starred in the movie Pretty Red Dress and is set to appear in the upcoming series Fifteen-Love

The Strays is on Netflix now.

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