Rebus episode 4 recap: Can Rebus save Michael?

Rebus shares a barbecue with Michael in Rebus episode 4
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Rebus episode 4 sees the cop trying to figure out how to protect Michael... Michael looks in the mirror, with the fact that he's shot a man dead dawning on him. Rebus visits Michael. Rebus says at this point only he knows what Michael did — although he doesn't know his brother has killed someone. Michael lies that he’s not done anything else. Rebus takes Andy off to make a statement about the stabbing. It's quickly apparent that Michael has told Chrissie everything. He shouts that he's not living any longer with them not being able to afford anything. He promises to sell the drugs and get them out of the area.

Cafferty has a visit from the UDA thugs, who say they're here to deal with who shot one of their own. Cafferty believes Christie is behind the shooting. Rebus questions Andy about the stabbing of Jagger. He positively identifies Shaun as one of the attackers. Cafferty and his UDA pals corner Shaun at the gym. Gill gives Rebus permission to arrest Shaun. Rebus makes it clear to Gill that he doesn't trust Siobhan because of her connection to Line of Duty type Malcolm. 

Chrissie in Rebus

Chrissie knows everything (Image credit: BBC)

Christie collects his cash to give to Michael. And his money man is Lockie, Rebus’s ex-wife's man! Meanwhile, Cafferty threatens Shaun with a blowtorch. Andy shares a cup of tea with Siobhan and starts talking a bit too much about his army pals. Rebus heads to the gym to arrest Shaun. "Has someone been cooking meat in here?" asks a uniform copper. Erm, that doesn’t sound good for Shaun. 

Siobhan looks up on the police database the name of one of Andy's army pals he mentioned — Gary Campbell and discovers he has a conviction. Christie meets Michael and gives him the cash, with Michael giving Christie the drugs. Christie suggests they work together again, but Michael tells him to get lost. Before Christie can leave the cafe, along comes the UDA chaps and Cafferty. Rebus takes Andy back to Michael's. Malcolm goes to Gill and expresses concerns that Rebus has spoken to Cafferty. Gill backs Rebus up. 

"Doesn’t it bother you people don't trust you? Siobhan asks Malcolm. "The only people that don't trust me, are people with something to hide," he retorts. 

Michael has a celebration barbecue at his house, with Rebus wondering if it's the right time. Little do they know the UDA are watching from a car. The thugs decide to wait until the women and children have gone before making their move. 

Cafferty has Christie and Shaun locked up. Shaun has horrific injuries. Rebus visits his daughter. She's cross with him for grassing her up with her mum. She asks her dad why he split up with her mum. Rebus, Lockie, Chrissie and Sammy share a meal. Rebus unwisely has a glass of wine and before long he's in the pub, downing whiskies. 

At Michael's house, Cafferty's mob burst in. Andy wrestles one of them to the ground but then gets shot dead. Rebus staggers back to his flat after his drinking session. Maggie is at the flat and reveals she's told George about them. An emotional Rebus brutally says he doesn't want her, he wants his family back.

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